Are you interested in making comics and need to chat about it? Then the Scottish Comics Unconference is the place to be!

The Scottish Comics Unconference is going to be held on the 28th of February in Glasgow at Dundasvale Residents’ Hall and is free for anyone to attend, all you have to do is register at the event website here.

The meet up is designed to invite people from all walks of life to group together to discuss the medium of comics. If you’re a builder/student/secretary and secretly lust for a life creating comics then this is ideal for you and your needs. The organising committee have stated that they hope that people who are seriously interested in the comics medium tag along.

The meeting will be similar to the Laydeez Do Comics meet up that happened in February 2014 but this is the first year the official event will be running and I hope that in the future it will continue to grow.

I had no idea what an unconference was until I heard about this event, if you’re like me then here is an excerpt from the wiki article about the word:

An unconference is a participant-driven meeting. The term “unconference” has been applied, or self-applied, to a wide range of gatherings that try to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference, such as fees, sponsored presentations, and top-down organization. 

To put it bluntly, an unconference is basically an informal conference and the key difference between the two is that in a conference attendees are more like an audience but at an unconference you are more like a member of an improv troupe. All members that attend are expected to participate in any discussion so it’s a great way to bring up topic you are concerned about or want to know more about.


The first session of the day will see a vote on which topics, submitted by participants prior to the meet-up, will be discussed in break-out sessions, there will be moderators there to facilitate the talk.

The hashtag for the unconference will be #ComicsUnconf15.

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