The Humble Indi Comic

We all know what the mainstream comics are, we have all the classics such as: Superman, Popeye, Judo Master and Batman. The list could go on for these iconic markers in Comic history. Comic enthusiasts everywhere will have read many of these comics at some point in their life, many people began reading comics starting with these beauties and even now in this day and age some people choose to start off from the beginning of the line.

I would just like to make it clear before I begin that putting indi comics up against mainstream comics is a bit like comparing a car to a car. They’ll both have their pros and cons but I would just like to lift the lid on indi stuff for a moment.

From the survey I carried out though, 60% of you seem to prefer indi comics and in the poll it was 75% of you.


(Credit to the artist who created the image)

This picture doesn’t technically illustrate what I’m highlighting here but you get the gist.

Over the past few years there has been a rise in the number of people leaning towards smaller production comics. This is great news for local comic artists everywhere who deserve to be seen and heard by the greater public. In Glasgow there is a sort of mini Comic Con held every year which invites local artists to come and sell their work to punters. This caters for the ever growing comic fanbase in Glasgow and for these small time comics and zines.

For many people it’s the variety of content that is available through independent comic artists rather than the big ones that makes them lean to the indi side. With more freedom to create what they want, a small time artist can attract a large amount of people by displaying quirky art that doesn’t fit in with a lot of other comics.

It also means that there is a gap in the market where local artists can tackle local issues or interests in their comics. There could be an artists out there who has made a comic about the Scottish Referendum, you wouldn’t see anything about that in a Marvel or DC comic would you?


(Credit: Neil Slorance)

In short what I’m saying is that even if you read the big mainstream stuff, it’s important for you as a comic fan to go out there and support your local artists. There will be something out there for you and it will more than likely be a nice change from what you usually read.

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